Lift Every Voice and Sing

In honor of Black History month, this concert will feature songs, poetry and prose by 20th and 21st Century African American composers and authors often under-recognized by the general public, but who earned esteemed accolades including the Pulitzer Prize and the Guggenheim Fellowship.

Denisha Ballew, Soprano
Kristina Nicole Lewis, Mezzo Soprano
Jordan Weatherston Pitts, Tenor
Rocky Sellers, Bass
Dr. Maria Corley, Pianist

Jingle All The Cabaret

An evening of holiday standards that will have visions of sugarplums dancing in your heads! Remember all those wonderful Christmas songs that were on television featuring stars like Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, and Rosemary Clooney? Join us for “Jingle All the Cabaret” for a nostalgic look at the wonderful holiday music that we all remember and enjoy.

Kate Jackman, Mezzo Soprano
Andrew W. Potter, Bass Baritone

Glory Denied

In honor of Veteran’s Day weekend, Glory Denied is an opera retelling the true story of Vietnam veteran Colonel Jim Thompson, America’s longest held prisoner of war, who returns home to a country he no longer recognizes and a family who barely recognizes him. Explore the unimaginable bravery asked of soldiers and even the nature of hope itself.

Justin Austin, Baritone
Rebecca Achtenberg, Soprano
Terrence Chin-Loy, Tenor
Kathleen Farrar Buccleugh, Soprano

Sid The Serpent Who Wanted To Sing

Penn Square Music Festival’s Children’s Opera at Musser Park!
Sid, a performing snake in a circus, wants to learn to sing. Accompanied by his circus friends, he travels the world, trying a different style of singing wherever he goes.

Rachel Doehring, Soprano
Laura Zahn, Mezzo Soprano
Daniel Foltz-Morrison, Tenor
Matthew Maisano, Baritone

Opera Dark and Dirty

A concert of all the wicked and seedy parts of opera. Think opera isn’t sexy? These four singers will prove opera is dangerous and thrilling. Come find out why they’re called Soap OPERAS!

Natalie Polito, Soprano
Anne MaGuire, Mezzo Soprano
Peter Scott Drackley, Tenor
Andrew Wannigman, Baritone

Why Do They Sing So Loud

Our quartet of singers will perform Operatic and Musical Theatre favorites. This is a perfect concert for the operatic novice. Performed in Lancaster and Harrisburg

Kaleigh Rae Gamaché, Soprano
Mary Beth Nelson, Mezzo Soprano
Eamon Pereyra, Tenor
Matthew Ciuffitelli, Baritone

SpeakEasy SingLoud

Two brilliant singers join us in Lancaster for an intimate evening of cabaret songs!

Tara Curtis, Mezzo Soprano
Colin Levin, Baritone

Death By Puccini

A trio of acts from Puccini’s most beloved operas, featuring nationally acclaimed opera singers
Act 3 of La bohème, Act 2 of Tosca, Act 3 of Madama Butterfly

Victoria Cannizzo, Soprano
Peter Scott Drackley, Tenor
Andrew W. Potter, Bass Baritone

Babes in OperaLand

A trio of amazing young artists will sing solos, duets and trios from your favorite Operas and Musicals!!
Let our singers take you to OperaLand!!

Sarah Hayashi, Coloratura Soprano
Rachel Duval, Soprano
Annie Chester, Mezzo Soprano

The Beautiful Voice

A Night of Bel Canto Opera
An Evening of Opera that will truly translate Bel Canto as beautiful singing! Join four young artists as they entice you with the enduring music of Bellini, Donizetti and Rossini!

Kaleigh Rae Gamaché, Soprano
Madelyn Wanner, Mezzo Soprano
Andrew McGowan, Tenor
Anthony Whitson-Martini, Baritone

Sing It Loud

The Passion & Drama of Opera
An Evening of Opera that will rival any action movie you’ve seen!
With the music of Puccini, Verdi, and other Verismo composers. these three emerging artists will have you on the edge of your seat!

Helena Brown, Soprano
Kate Jackman, Mezzo-soprano
Peter Scott Drackley, Tenor