Day: November 23, 2021

Scott’s Thoughts – November 2021

We did it!!! We presented two live performances in September and November. Both “Tenors and Tequila” and “Basses and Beer” were huge successes with much larger audiences than I was predicting. It is in smaller performances such as these that we can watch the family of Penn Square Music Festival grow. I am immensely thankful for all the wonderful patrons who help to support the mission of Penn Square Music Festival, the Penn Square Music Conservatory and OperaLancaster. Volunteerism is something that has been waning in the past several years, and some say that Covid 19 had a serious impact on people volunteering their time for worthy causes. I would like to think that volunteering took a pause when we were all sheltered at home, but the possibilities of helping are out there again. A group of volunteers to help with the work of Penn Square Music Festival is a dream that I have had since the beginning. I would love to see a Penn Square Music Guild be formed to further flesh out what Penn Square Music Festival does in this wonderful community of Lancaster, PA. Planning, implementation of plans, hosting singers, helping with transportation, being a welcoming spirit