Day: October 20, 2021

Scott’s Thoughts- FAQ’s

Here are some questions that I am frequently asked: Question 1: How often do you get to a live performance? There is nothing better than the thrill of a live performance! I wish I could attend more, but I’m making a concentrated effort to see as many productions as possible now that live performance is back. I especially like to support performances by our local and regional theatre companies and music organizations here in Lancaster. I’m very interested in seeing all four candidates for the new Music Director position of the Lancaster Symphony. Phyllis and I love to go to the Philadelphia Orchestra. It is always a treat! As for opera, that takes a little more planning. I hope to go to the Metropolitan Opera at least once this season and to some of the regional opera productions nearby. While I am so happy for the convenience and accessibility of the Met HD performances, there is nothing like being in the theatre for a live performance. Like many of you, I’m waiting to see how pandemic numbers proceed. I’m encouraged for everyone, our audiences included, to see the numbers going in the right direction. Question 2: What is your favorite