Day: September 12, 2021

Scott’s Thoughts- What Was I Thinking??

Opera????? How did I get here? Why do I love this art form so much? It started with a piano and a pair of glasses. I started wearing glasses and playing the piano the same month when I was 8. I put on the glasses and noticed this big blurry thing in the living room. I practiced and got pretty good. Growing up in Harrisburg, I joined the Wednesday Club, a musical club for young classical musicians. When I was 13, we took a field trip to New York City to see Lucia di Lammermoor at the New York City Opera. It starred a soprano I had never heard of ….. Beverly Sills. I was instantly enamoured of the music and at the end of the mad scene, Miss Sills sang the final high note and tumbled down a flight of stairs. I was hooked!!!!! I majored in piano performance in college, but I always wanted to play for singers. Not only did I get a Master’s degree in Vocal Accompanying and Coaching, I married a soprano! We’ve performed together for XX years, and music continues to bring us together.  Opera is the unification of all aspects of the stage: